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Why Lennybean?

Lennybean is named after Maarit's adorable "bean" Lenny, pictured to the left. This little schnauzer loves going for walks, running around, and annoying his sister Nyx, Maarit's beautiful black cat. 

About The Artist

Maarit Annala was born in Finland, and immigrated to Northern Ontario with her family at the age of 5. She's lived in a variety of cities across Ontario, but has now settled in Sault Ste. Marie, in Canada. 

Maarit is formally trained in Architecture and Design and through a 30 year career she loved designing everything from building interior layouts and exterior facades, lighting layouts, colour schematics for many residential, commercial and institutional buildings.

While raising her children she managed her own custom bridal, floral, and millinery business in southern Ontario, where she designed and created custom bridal wear, theatre costumes, dance, and skating wear.

Most recently, while recovering from heart surgery, through the encouragement from her daughter, she found her long lost passion for watercolour painting once learned and practiced in College.


Maarit pulls inspiration for her artwork from everything around her, especially nature, as she loves to capture the beauty of Canada, Finland, and anywhere else she's travelled in between. In her spare time you can find her gardening, road-tripping, being creative in one of many mediums, going on walks with Lenny (the dog), or relaxing with her feet up and knitting needles on the go! 

Maarit looks forward to expanding Lennybean by adding new products with her artwork from a variety of vendors! 

Image by Avery Thomas
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